Pantyhose are stockings joined together at the crotch by an incorporated panty.



Pantyhose are stockings that cover feet, calves and thighs and are joined together at the crotch by fabric forming a sort of panty. Pantyhose are commonly made of sheer or semi sheer nylon that is stretchy and form-fitting from toe to waste but can also be made of other material. Pantyhose are silky and smooth to the touch and are generally considered to be women's underclothes. Some people have a pantyhse fetish, which means an erotic attraction to pantyhose, to wearing pantyhose or to men or women wearing pantyhose.


Pantyhose are smooth to the touch and often make skin under them also feel smooth and silky. Because of this, some men and women like to wear pantyhose during foreplay or masturbation so they can feel the tight, slick fabric between their fingers and their genitals. Others prefer that their sexual partners wear pantyhose so they can feel the tight nylon encasing their partner's feet, legs and genitals. Some pantyhose fetishists enjoy the look of a pantyhose-clad man or woman. Some men wear pantyhose under their suits or other male clothes, either because they enjoy the erotic feel of the nylon on their legs, cocks and balls or because it keeps them from chafing. Over the past few years, pantyhose porn has grown so there are more and more sites to appeal to pantyhose admirers.

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