Sexual orientation in which one is attracted to, both emotionally, sexually, and/or visually, to any gender.
Pantyhose are stockings joined together at the crotch by an incorporated panty.
A small collar, around the scrotum, used in BDSM sexual sessions.
A sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals, that one could say was not normal, by society standards.
A sexual arousal to non sexual body parts.
partner slang
The various terms used to describe one's sexual partner.
pearl necklace
The drops of cum when covering the neck and upper chest area.
pearly gates
A variation of the Acrobat position, that affords better intimacy, but restricts the mobility of the Giver more. Usually performed on a flat surface, like a bed.
The relationship between a man and a boy, in Greek Times. Forerunner to Homosexuality?
A unique way to suck a guy off, by poking one's head through their legs, while both are in a prone position.
The anal penetration by another person, wearing a strap on dildo, where generally the person wearing the strap on is female, the receiver usually male, or female.
The act where one inserts an object, mostly a penis, into the vagina or anus of a person, for sexual gratification.
The organ found on most male mammals (man) and reptiles, that is the method of reproduction. Man's sex organ for the delivery of sperm.
penis enlargement
The surgical enhancement of the penis, either in length, or in girth, or both.
penis panic
When a person or group believe that their penis is actually shrinking into their body, disappearing.
penis pump
A device fitted over the penis, that then forces the blood to flow to the penis, through a pump like action.
penis sizes
The considered average length, and girth of a male penis, as conducted under proper guidelines.
The desire or love of exposing one's penis, generally in public. Part of the overall term, Exhibitionist.
percussion play
Relatively new term, among SM'ers to denote or group together all forms of striking the body with implements.
perve around
A person who seeks sexual partners, without care, or restrictions. To seek and engage in indiscriminate sex, with any willing partner. To engage in a sexual affair or relationship, outside of their existing relationship.
What once was the concept, used by Psychiatrists, to describe those who had an abnormal desire to deviate from accepted social behaviour patterns. In many cases, it had a sexual connotation or was in reference to specific sexual behaviour.
Someone who acts out of the accepted norms, usually in relation to sexual activity. One who has enjoyment or satisfaction in doing what the majority consider to be abnormal, or not socially approved of.
Items that are manufactured for basic uses, that are non sexual, but which can be converted to use in sexual activity, most notably in BDSM sex. Basic household items, whose primary purpose is non sexual, or for sexual use.
Slang term for one whose sexual antics are beyond the acceptable realms of the culture they are in.
pet play
Playing the role of a pet, an animal during a BDSM sexual session.
petticoat discipline
Making the male submissive dress up in woman's clothing, such as a dress, or woman's under garments. Can include wigs, make up, in order to further heighten a sense of humiliation. Used by Femdoms to humiliate their male submissive's.
When attached to some words, refers to a love of, or deep affection for something, someone.
Piercing the body to insert pieces of jewelry.
pig sex
Gay pig sex is someone who is into extreme limits of sexual activity, in that they push the boundaries of what is, what isn't, acceptable.
pile driver
A hard butt pounding sex position, that requires some flexibility and stamina, and a nice sized dick. The thrusting is like a pile driver, a relentless constant pounding of a stationary object, by a moving one.
pillow talk
The playful discussion couples engage in, after sexual activities. A sort of recap of the action.
pin up boy
A very attractive young male, that one fantasizes about.
pineapple queen
Gay slang referring to a male from the Hawaiian Islands.
Slang for urine, also used in many fetish websites, to denote the type of content, or on how extreme the content is. Usually this involves one urinating on another, or in some instances, drinking the urine.
Oral sex position, where one inspects the pipes with their mouth, while underneath.
A language, or slang language used within the Gay Subculture of England, of which many terms are used in modern day English.
A group bound together, where all parties are primary members, engaged in sex only with those within the group.
Mainly British slang term for a homosexual, not a complimentary term though not necessarily meant mean spirited.
A chemical compound, that releases a vapor, which in turn stimulates a person's heart rate and breathing rate. At the same time, it relaxes one's muscles, and judgment.
porn addiction
The overuse of porn, in watching it, or thinking about it, to the detriment of other concerns, and interests.
Sexually explicit content, books, movies, pictures, etc.
positional asphyxia
A form of suffocation, asphyxia, caused by the position one is in.
power bottom
Someone who enjoys anal sex, but unlike most, is the one in charge, directing the action and setting the tone.
power exchange
Where one person gives total control over their life, to another person, without limits.
pre cum
The clear fluid that a man's penis discharges, when first sexually aroused, prior to orgasm and ejaculation of semen.
predicament bondage
Where a submissive is restrained so that if they move, they create a second pain response, forcing them back to the previous position, which also creates a pain response.
pressed ham
When a person bares their buttocks, and presses it up against a glass surface to force the cheeks wider, displaying the anus as well.
pressure and fire
The right way to jack off, using pressure.
A medical condition, in which one's penis remains erect without any stimulation, or for a lengthy period of time, even after orgasm.
prick parade
A dated term used within the Military for when soldiers are lined up for inspection of their genitals, to check for signs of sexual diseases.
prick peddler
A slang term referring to a person who sells sexual favours for a price, another way of saying Prostitute or Hustler.
prince albert
The common term used to describe the piercing that runs through the cock head.
prison guard
No, not sex with a prison guard, but a position where the Receiver is held more firmly, subjected to the deep penetration thrusts of the Giver.
prison sex
The term of having sex between a prisoner, and either another prisoner, or a prison guard, or engaging in sexual behavior that they would not consider in their own environment.
privy queen
British slang term for a gay male who seeks random sex, usually in public washrooms (lavatories in proper British terms).
To have sex with another person, purely for financial gain. Where money exchanges hand for specific sexual acts or encounters.
prostrate milking
Practice of removing the build up of seminal fluid in the prostrate, through massage without achieving an orgasm.
pubic piercing
The piercing of the pubic region, usually just above the base of the penis itself.
A strenuous position, that allows for some real good ass banging pumping action.
A sexual arousal over fire, either in seeing one, talking about one, or in actually setting one.