Seeking and engaging in random sex, in public locations.



Engaging in finding willing sexual partners, in a more public venue, such as parks, public washrooms, and other venues where privacy is never assured.


[Gay Culture] » Public or Outdoor Sex was more due to a lack of other choices. The ability to find other gays was underground, and many of the so called 'public houses' or 'bars' were under the watchful eyes of local law enforcement agencies.

As a result, homosexuals developed an underground network of spots where they could safely meet, and engage in casual sex. Use of secret 'code words' were part of this underground culture. Many of these spots were in plain site of the public, such as washrooms, parks, in order to avoid suspicion. After all no one would suspect a man going to a public restroom was actually looking for sex, and by the same token, it helped to keep their secret identity from being subject to attack.

Known bars or clubs of those earlier times were also subject to random attacks from Gay Bashers, Homophobes. By taking the search outdoors, it aided in making it harder for those types to find and attack Homosexuals.

The Internet has helped to eliminate that particular need for Homosexuals, and to bring the sexual activity back into a private setting.

The legalization of Homosexuality (or at least its more acceptable status) has however made those more public locations less safe than its original intentions was. As it becomes more common knowledge, and code words become more adapted by mainstream society, risks of gay bashing has increased, prompting increased police presence at those locals.

The case of Senator Larry Craig is an example of such widespread knowledge and attention by law enforcement to these more public locations.


[Cruising] » The simple act of going out in public, to specifically pick up someone for casual sex. To go around a specific location, such as walking through a known pick up spot like a park, or washroom.

With the explosion of social network sites on the Internet, the art of cruising has degraded, to where it is no longer a primary source of gay men seeking other gay men.

Many still go out 'cruising' however, for the more casual thrill. The ability to spot another of similar interests is still a turn on for many, as is the risk of exposure. It is an adrenalin rush for some. (see Exhibitionism)

In most cultures, public sex is not legal. The thrill of being caught supposedly adds to one's sexual arousal, and it is that fear that can lead to more intense sexual feelings. Just one of the many proposed theories as to why people engage in such activities. For the heightened sexual feelings.

It is also associated with older men seeking younger men, for sexual favors, in return for financial remuneration. In short, to find male hustlers. (see Prostitutes) Many known spots of cruising, such as parks, washrooms, are known now for obtaining paid sexual partners, rather than just random casual encounters.

The whole 'cruising' culture is about random sex, random meetings. However, there is also the concept of the need to hunt one's prey, to seek out another, to pursue them, then vanquish them, like any wild animal predator does. (see Predators)

The thrill associated with such a 'hunt' is more about the hunt, than the actual sex.

Other meanings

To satisfy an adrenalin rush or addiction to having sex, with the risk of being watched or exposed to others. As a means of shock, for heightened arousal, orgasm.

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