The intense physical release or experience a person has during intense sexual activity, resulting in ejaculation.



The culmination of sexual stimulation, either in the penis or anus, where the muscles will contract resulting in a heightened state of euphoria, resulting but not always in the ejaculation by the male. This can also cause involuntary spasms of other muscles in the body.

Technical: Conclusion of the 'plateau phrase' of the sex cycle, resulting in extreme pleasure controlled by the autonomic nervous system. It is followed by 'cycles' of muscle contractions in the lower pelvic region, which surround the sexual organs and anus.

This also increases the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration at the onset of the orgasm experience.

Experiencing an orgasm without ejaculation is known as a 'dry orgasm' and many who experience this, also are able to have multiple orgasms, due to the limited refractory period.

Wet Dreams are another type of orgasm that does not require any actual physical stimulation to achieve an orgasm. This is due to an increased mental stimulation, resulting in ejaculation, hence the term name

Refractory Period refers to the time taken to replenish one's semen. A state or condition, in which some males claim extreme exhaustion, or feeling of being overly tired.


Various techniques exist to get a partner into having an orgasm. This generally is prolonged stimulation of the penis, either through oral or mechanical means, such as a vibrator applied to the tip of the penis.

It can also involve the stimulation of the anus, through use of a finger, orally such as in rimming, or penetration with various objects, including sex toys, vibrating stimulators such as dildos.

Multiple Orgasms » can be accomplished by males having 'dry orgasms' or by applying pressure to the 'perineum' which is halfway between the anus and the scrotum. Applying this pressure just prior to ejaculation can inhibit ejaculation, however there is a risk of the cum being forced into the bladder. A definite medical risk.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Anal Sex » see Rimming, Dildos, sex toys.

BDSM » see Forced Orgasm, Role Playing, prostate milking.

Masturbation, Oral Sex, Erotic Electro Stimulation.

Noteworthy: Orgasms are an intense physical pleasure, not necessarily requiring ejaculation, and can occur involuntarily at all ages.

Pre adolescent males can experience an orgasm or multiple orgasms, without ejaculation, and some older males may not ejaculate until after they experience an orgasm.

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