Seeking a sexual encounter, without emotional involvement, and for one brief period, lasting no longer than the one time. It can be a chance encounter, that leaves a feeling of remorse, among both or one of the participants, the following day.



Usually this refers to where one actively seeks a sexual encounter with another, or when it happens by circumstance.

This is where no money exchanges hands, thus not prostitution.

Nor is it expected. A purely physical attraction and reaction.

The goal is a mutual desire to engage in sex, purely for the physical release.

The concept is that neither party will encounter the other, and exchange of vital details, such as actual name, or addresses, does not take place.

There is no future encounters planned, or discussed.

One Night Stands can include any type of sexual activity, nor does it always infer that intercourse occurs.

If multiple or other encounters happen, with the same two parties, it is usually considered to be more of a 'casual sex' rather than a one night stand, even if there is still no emotional connection, or involvement.

Most women usually have a negative view of such encounters, even though they were willing participants.

In a Non Sexual meaning, it referred to a play or show that was being performed, for just the one night, or day.

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