Attraction of Older Males for Younger Male partners. To establish sexual dominance, to satisfy a need for youth, vitality by securing a younger partner.



The desire and pursuit by an older male, of a much younger male for sexual relations, as well as for long term relations. In some instances, referring to the need for someone considerably older or younger to hold control over. To be the unchallenged authority figure.

[Ephebophelia] The 'sexual' attraction of older males to adolescents, those who are entering puberty. Generally those aged 13 to 18.

[Pedophilia] The 'sexual' attraction of older adults to children, generally under the age of 13. Generally referring to a sexual attraction, need for those not yet entering puberty. It is also considered a form of control, of satisfying a need to dominate another human. Children being easier to manipulate and dominate than adults or adolescents.

[Pederasty] means 'boy love' and does not actually mean that one is a child or adolescent. It simply is the erotic relationship between two males, where one is considerably younger in age.

[Gynephilia] referring to the need or desire for an older female, as applied in the Trans Gender society. The meaning used to differentiate between heterosexual and homosexual desires.

[Androphilia] referring to the attraction for older males. Not primarily same sex, it and 'Gynephilia' are more used in trans gender definitions. One who is male, but seeks to be a female and has an attraction for an older man, would be 'Androphlia'.

Androphilia and Gynephilia are words used to 'describe' the object of one's desire, not to imply that they are of the same sex, or opposite sex. In short, it doesn't describe one's gender, only their preference of partner.


Attraction to younger mates, is generally rooted in the heterosexual society, where the male sought a more youthful mate, to propagate the species. Younger women had a longer child bearing time ahead, thus a better chance to provide an 'heir'.

In ancient times, such as Greek culture, the love of a boy was considered more of an educational aspect of Greek Life. It was to teach the more 'adult' nature of life to a 'boy'. It was also used as a means for lower classes to rise above their status, as the act was generally initiated by those in the upper classes.

Some considered it to not include 'sexual intercourse' such as Plato, while others believed it was a perfect enhancement of one's obligation.

There is also evidence of the approved practice of older men 'training' or 'teaching' young males in various cultures, include Persian, German, and Thracian cultures.

Also, just as now, there is evidence of conflict between whether such relations should include anal intercourse or 'sexual relations' between the two.

Some early Greek City States outlawed it, others ignored it, and some allowed a 'platonic' relationship, outlawing the sexual aspect, or discouraging it. It was also well established in ancient Japanese culture.

It is also well recorded in Ancient China, where it was considered to be a great tradition. There even was a ceremony similar to the marriage ceremony, between an older male and younger boy lover. Boy sex was also highly prized, where male prostitutes garnered higher prices than female sex workers.

Japan also had a more 'open' attitude towards it. Only upon the increasing influence of European Culture, did the practice lose favor in Japanese culture. It is was well rooted in both the religious community and Samurai classes of the time. This included the Buddhist classes.

History (Legend): Some claimed that these relationships, between a man and boy were of such a bond, that tyrants were in fear of them. Some, such as during the time of Sparta believed it was a controlling influence over the younger male, as the Trainer was held responsible for the actions of the minor in his care. In addition, Sparta is thought to believe that as both fought side by side, the natural competition to shine or excel before the other, made them better soldiers. Hence the encouragement of the relationships.

One legend, referring to the brothels in China, claims that the citizens of Tianjin were told to hide the boy prostitutes from Westerners, so as to keep the best favors for themselves, to not share them.


Partially this is about the more virile younger male arousing the more experienced older man, who has an urge to not only enjoy the virility but to also teach the younger male the facts of life.

There are a lot of different ways in which this affection is shown. Not all is sexual, though it is a huge part of it. In some instances, the role of being in charge, of being an authority figure, plays into the relationship, but it is also partially due to the natural attraction older adults have for the more virile younger adults.

Noteworthy: Ancient cultures believed this was a 'rite of passage' and part of the education of a child into adult status.

Works by Lord Byron, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, C.S. Lewis and others detailed the 'boy love' aspect as being positive and constructive, though in many cases they were shunned or ostracized for their beliefs.

Other meanings

Most common other use, is to denigrate the relationship. It is also used in various 'legal' defense of granting same sex rights. The claim being that 'homosexuals' have an unnatural urge for children.

Some claim that the attraction is based on 'sexual arousal' from earlier times, where features were less obscured by facial features that comes with age. Hair and wrinkles being two of them.

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