old on young
Attraction of Older Males for Younger Male partners. To establish sexual dominance, to satisfy a need for youth, vitality by securing a younger partner.
oldest profession
The selling of sexual favors, for money, and why it is known as the Oldest Profession.
A sexual arousal, fascination, due to a smell and/or odours that come from the body.
The fetish of being aroused, when one's bladder is full, and achieving a climax, when the body can no longer hold back the urine.
on the game
British term used by prostitutes to denote that they are in the sex trade industry. Also known as 'being in the game' or 'in the game'. American counterpart is 'to be in the life' or 'in the trade'.
on the make
Common slang term for someone heading out, specifically to get some sexual relief. Someone who is going out, purposely to seek sexual gratification.
on the prod
Being on the lookout for a sexual experience, to ether get satisfied by another, or to satisfy someone else, as a form of being satisfied. Simply put, to be on the lookout for a sex.
on the rag
When a female is having her 'period'. The time of menstruation for a woman, when the body discharges blood, and tissue from the vagina. Occurs in non pregnant women.
one night stand
Seeking a sexual encounter, without emotional involvement, and for one brief period, lasting no longer than the one time. It can be a chance encounter, that leaves a feeling of remorse, among both or one of the participants, the following day.
open marriage
Where a committed couple, usually married or in a licensed relationship agree to sexual involvement by one or both partners, with a third party.
oral sex
The exchange of semen through oral, mouth, contact only
oral therapy
Having the best of things, by being able to lay down, while being sucked off, and doing nothing but enjoying the feelings.
The intense physical release or experience a person has during intense sexual activity, resulting in ejaculation.
The term referring to where more than five people are involved in some act, in view of all members or guests, in excess. Generally associated with sexual acts.
out call
When a prostitute or hustler visits a clients home, or apartment, on hotel room, rather than on the street, or in a place of their own choosing. Going to the client's residence, rather than the client (buyer) coming to them.
outdoor sex
Seeking and engaging in random sex, in public locations.
when a person is declared a homosexual, publicly, without their permission, or knowledge.