The state of being without any clothing or covering of the body, exposing all of the visible body parts, including one's genitalia.



There are many terms used to describe a person's state of undress, or nudity.

Full Nudity refers to the obvious, in which there are no coverings of the body, anywhere.

Full Frontal Nudity refers to the state in which there are no coverings of the body, but the person is facing others, exposing the front portion of their body.

Partial Nudity is a subjective reference, to where some articles of covering are used, but depending on the culture, are insufficient.

Nude does not always mean being totally devoid of clothing or covering, but of in that state. It also refers to a voluntary action or choice to achieve that state of exposure.

Naked is similar to Nude, though it does not always imply voluntary disrobing.


Anthropologists assume that early man was in a full state of nudity, and that the appearance of clothing, or coverings, were adaptations early man made to climate conditions.

It is also postulated, that the appearance of some coverings, may have been related to other practices, such as rituals or ornaments to ward off evil spirits.


Becoming totally nude, is varied, as long as it achieves the end result, to be devoid of clothing.

It is more about being in a natural state, or in the case of sex, to be able to perform free of obstacles.

Being nude, usually involves some form of ritual, when it involves sex. It can be used as a form of foreplay.

The exposure of the genitals is the last act of disrobing, in these instances, usually a climax of the buildup.

Practice (Associated Acts):

In history, nudity in Western Culture has been used as a form of punishment, or part of a punishment technique, that embarrasses and humiliates the subject.

During the Salem Witch Trials, the defendant was stripped and presented naked, to check for signs of being a Witch/Warlock.

Partial Nudity or full nudity can also be used in corporal punishment techniques, as well as in torture rituals, as form of humiliation.

The Nazi's forced nudity in the concentration camps for purposes of humiliation, to further break down the inmates.


Various Religions have different views on what can be exposed, and what would then be called partial nudity.

Western Culture for example, does not consider a person clad in a bikini to be partially nude, if worn at a beach, yet could be considered inappropriate if worn at a shopping mall.

Certain religions clearly define what part of the body may be exposed, or not.

Even in those religions, different sects will have different levels of what is accepted, what isn't. In Islam, men for example, are expected to always remain covered from the navel to the knees.

Judaism for example has a law that allows full nudity for sex, but with stipulations, that it not be during sunlight hours, or daytime. In addition, this religious law (Shulchan Aruch) insists that full nude sex, be conducted in the dark, and in private.

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