The use of needle piercings of the body, for sexual stimulation, gratification.



Referring to the piercing of the skin, for enjoyment, rather than to create any permanent markings or abrasions.

The goal is to experience the piercing itself, the pleasure associated with the actual piercing of skin, usually by needles, or sharp bones.


Many ancient tribes have some form of ritual, involving the piercing of the skin as rites of passage, or of achieving certain status within the tribe.

Some tribes include intricate designs, and the more needle play one can show off, the greater their courage or stature becomes within the tribal hierarchy.


While any sharp object will do, it is generally recommended that a proper sterilized needle be employed for this particular fetishism.

This is about the piercing, not in leaving marks or always about pain either, though it is part of one's bag of tricks in some BDSM play, more commonly referred to as 'edge play'.

The needles are removed once the object or goal has been attained, which can be to experience rituals from ancient tribes, to sexual arousal, to even relief of boredom.

In some cases it is done singly, in private, to aid in a person's fantasy thoughts. To establish a physical connection to their imaginative fantasy or desire.

The methods are as varied as the reasons for such activity.

Using proper sterilized needles, or acupuncture needles is important, to prevent infection of blood borne diseases. As well as using new sterilized needles, the skin should also be prepared, by cleaning with alcohol or povidone iodine.

Some will create a design over their body, arranging a wide array of needles through the flesh.

Others will create the design, with sterilized string, creating an artistic design crossing through their flesh.

The number of piercings, along with the depth and size of the penetration can all create different sensations within the subject.

Twisting or pulling the needles away in quick succession can also provide for a totally different sensation.

Practice (Associated Acts): In extreme BDSM Edge Play, some will agree to be hung, with the piercing being the sole support. In short one's body weight is being held up, by the metal piercing through their flesh.

These particular piercings involve more strengthened material than needles, and are generally called 'hooks'. The goal here is either inflict pain, or show tolerances for pain.

This practice can leave scars, can be extremely dangerous and should not be attempted by the curious, without proper training, and awareness of all risks associated with it.

This is called Flesh Hook Suspension.

It has been noted as parts of a rite of passage in some cultures.

In addition, there are ritualistic dances associated with this type of needle play, that can include people being linked together by the hooks through their flesh.

Noteworthy: Smaller gauge used, the bigger the hole. Most common sizes used in Needle Play is between 26 and 18 gauge.

The larger the hole, the more shallow of the insertion, the greater the pain experience becomes.

The concept is to insert the needle and pierce the skin, then push forward underneath, a short distance, to then pierce the skin again, revealing the end of the needle.

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