The sexual arousal, orgasm, from having sex with a corpse, a dead person.



The sexual arousal, orgasm, from having sex with a corpse, a dead person.


Derived from the Ancient Greek word of 'nekros' meaning 'corpse, or dead' and the word 'philia' referring to 'love of'.

The term is believed to have been first coined during 1886, by Kraft-Ebing, though history is filled with reference to the practice.

Noted in Ancient Egypt, it was recorded that when beautiful woman died, their bodies were left to rot for 3 to 4 days, before being entrusted to the embalmers, in order to discourage sexual improprieties.


A study in 1989, found that the reasons for such a practice, was varied.

However 68% were found to be seeking a partner, who wouldn't reject their sexual advances, or resist them in achieving a sexual experience.

Other explanations was to have a reunion with loved ones, who had just departed. Sort of a final tryst.

Part of the study included those who were attempting to avoid a feeling of isolationism.

To achieve some form of comfort, even if from one who was deceased.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Some of the other explanations, for necrophilia, was found to evolve around a desire to exert power over the dead person.

This usually involved the dead corpse to be that of a victim of a violent crime.

Some were simply attracted to the corpse.

The theory is also, that those who are attracted to the dead, are due to a lack of self esteem, a lack of being able to arrange an actual romantic relationship with a living person.


In some cultures, this practice was performed, under the guise of religious purpose.

Such as in the case of a Virgin, suddenly dying, in which case a ritual was performed, that involved having intercourse with the corpse.

This was based on the notion that Virgin should not depart the earth, in that condition.

Ancient artifacts showing this practice, such as from Peru, are believed to be representing a means of communicating with the dead.

Necrophilia has also been noted within the animal kingdom.

In the United Kingdom, the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act of 2008 includes Necrophilia under its classification of Extreme Pornography, which is illegal to possess, as well as partake in.

No Federal Law exists, as of 2005, in the USA for such a thing, though many states have some form of statutes on the books, making it illegal.

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