900 number
Phone number usually associated with specialized services, catering to lewd talk, to highly descriptive sex being discussed.
nancy boy
A derogatory term referring to a male who is effeminate acting.
The practice of serving sashimi or sushi on the body of a naked male.
Sexual arousal from using foul and dirty language, during sex.
A sexual attraction to the nose, that takes many forms, and has multiple criteria.
nasty bits
Slang reference for the male genitals, more specifically for the scrotum and testes. Most effectively used in a more derogatory sense, than complimentary, though its use does not always, or generally, imply a negative note.
navy cake
A slightly dated saying, for sex among mariners, where the sailors were all males, unlike today's modern Navy, which is coed. Reference to anal sex.
neapolitan sex
Someone who enjoys plain vanilla sex, but also dabbles in experimenting with other sexual activities, when the mood is upon them, that are considered more adventurous, kinky.
The sexual arousal, orgasm, from having sex with a corpse, a dead person.
needle play
The use of needle piercings of the body, for sexual stimulation, gratification.
nellie bottom
Someone, male, who enjoys anal sex to the point that they are constantly seeking it, providing loud vocal sounds during the actual act.
A specialized or narrowly targeted market category.
Phrase referring to having sexual intercourse.
notch house
Another term for whore house, or place where one can obtain sex for a price.
The state of being without any clothing or covering of the body, exposing all of the visible body parts, including one's genitalia.
number three
In reference to normal bodily functions, number three refers to ejaculation.
nut cruncher
A person who is a hard taskmaster, someone who demands a lot.
nuts and bolts
Slang reference for the male genitalia, meaning the penis and scrotum.
A derogatory term, denoting a female who has an obsession for sex, to the point where it is merely to satisfy her needs, irrespective of those of her partners. Includes multiple partners. An insatiable appetite for sex, that is never fully satisfied, or controlled.