Muscle men is another term for male bodybuilders.



Muscle men is a term used in both mainstream and adult entertainment. It refers to men who are particularly muscular. Muscle men do not necessarily have to be as large as professional bodybuilders but should have a better developed physique than the average man.


Men have been working out to develop more muscular physiques since ancient times, but it was in the 1940's that photographer Bob Mizer created his first physique magazine. His photography was of large, well-built muscle men and was aimed not only at physique fans but also at gay men at a time when gay erotica was illegal in many places.


Muscle men can be found in advertising, mainstream entertainment, bodybuilding contests and in pornography. Since bodybuilders are admired in many cultures, it is not surprising that a particular sexual appreciation developed called muscle worship. Muscle worship often includes feeling a muscle man or bodybuilder's muscles, often while masturbating. In muscle porn it can refer to a website where muscle men are shown so men and women who are sexually aroused by muscular men find erotic gratification.

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