The wrapping up of a person from head to toe.



Using various methods, this is where a person is wrapped up from head to toe, similar to that of a Mummy.

Materials generally used in this practice is saran wrap, cloth, straight jackets, body bags, duct tape, bandages, rubber strips, plaster bandages.

Careful note of leaving the mouth and nostrils open is important, to insure the subject can breathe properly, without restriction.

Noteworthy: This form of sensation play is used to completely immobilize a person, who is sometimes left alone, to heighten senses. This is risky, as complications can arise, without a way of knowing or signaling the out of the room partner.

Some binding materials, like cling film, can lead to dehydration, so it is important to keep watch and note of the signs.

Best practice is to bind the arms and torso first. Also to insure that if done while in an upright position, the subject isn't going to topple over. Once lowered, to where the legs are bound together, a bit of padding between the legs, around the knees and ankles, can avoid undue discomfort as well.

Use of films like saran wrap can cause sweating, aiding in dehydration. Some wrapping can cause a lowering of temperature, or an increase. Appropriate 'after care' might include the need of warm room, blankets, to insure no complications arise.

Panic Shears are an important tool to have handy, when doing mummification. This is to quickly cut through the bindings, to release the subject, should complications arise. They are noted as 'trauma shears' and should be easily at hand.

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