Morphed cocks refers to photos or videos in which the cock is made to look HUGE.



The term "morphed" cocks refers to pics or movies in which the cocks are digitially altered so they look bigger than is physically possible. Although morphed cocks are not real, a lot of men and women enjoy seeing their large cock fantasies brought to life in pictuires and movies. Often the penises in these pics and movies look immense - the equivalent of 2 feet or more sometimes.


Japanese erotic art of the Shunga and Edo period featured exaggerated sexual characteristics in both the male and the female partners and were one of the earlier types of erotic art that showed cocks that were often over a foot or even 2 feet in length.


Exaggeratedly large cocks are found in porn, adult comics and also in erotic art. Artists from R. Crumb to Patrick Fillion to Tom of Finland have portrayed their heroes as impossibly endowed but it is to videos and particularly photos that the term morphed cocks truly belongs. Morphing is used in motion pictures and computer art and refers to smoothly animating from one image to another, particularly images that are not that similar. Morphing has also come to mean changing the appearance of something by computer, so it's easy to see why taking a man with an 8 inch cock and digitally enlarging it to 15 inches would be calling morphing. Morphed cocks are very popular in both gay and straight porn.

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