Considered to be the basic sex position, for engaging in penetrative sex.



Considered to be the basic sex position, for engaging in penetrative sex. And there are variations of this position as well.


Found in ancient artifacts, and drawings, this sex position is depicted in all ancient civilizations, from the Romans, Greeks, Japanese, and Chinese.

During Medieval times, it is believed that Thomas Aquinas and others, advocated this sexual position. Seems the church wasn't so uptight back then, in some ways.


While mainly used for heterosexual sex, it can be used by two guys.

The 'Receiver' (don't you love these names they give for the bottom and top?) lays down flat, with their legs spread apart.

The 'Penetrating Partner / Giver' (top) lays on top of the 'Receiver' face to face.

This allows for full skin contact, and allows for kissing and fondling of each other, making the sex more romantic in nature. (so the experts claim)

In traditional sex, the 'Giver' reaches down, to guide their penis towards the opening, and the two couple (he penetrates). Not quite so easy for two guys though.

The 'Receiver' can arch their pelvis upwards to ease the penetration of the 'Giver'.

Generally, the 'Giver' will raise the pelvis upwards, (of the receiver) to aid in a smoother penetration.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Humans seem to enjoy giving names to everything, including variations of the same thing.

Missionary Position has some added variations, that basically involve some minor changes, but they wind up being called something else.


This is the most common position, mainly due to its simplicity in accomplishing, along with the degree of intimacy it creates.

After all, you are nose to nose in most cases, mouth to mouth, and everything else, so you can peer into their eyes, see their expressions, while actually penetrating, or being penetrated.

The Church during the 6th to 16th Century believed that the Missionary position, was the only accepted manner of sex, mainly due ot their belief that the semen would flow more naturally, and lead to conception.

Also, due to how most animals copulated, which is called 'doggy style' today, they thought any other position, was somehow giving into animalistic lust, thus a sin.

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