A relatively new word, coined around 2000, where it is used to describe a heterosexual male, who exhibits the fashion, color, pickiness of a gay male, according to the perceived stereotype.



Basically refers to a secure male, that is predominately heterosexual, in that he prefers woman.

However, they tend to exhibit traits, considered to be gay in nature, or attributed to gay males.

This includes fashion, personal hygiene, color co-ordination, and other non sexual attributes, that are considered 'gay' when applied to a male.


Believed to have been 'coined' by Mark Simpson, in an article published in 1994, then later followed up by an article in 2002, that involved David Beckham.

Both created some controversy, which also helped increase the popularity of the word itself.

Euro RCSG (worldwide advertising firm) adopted the word, in some campaigns, and even the New York Times did a Sunday piece on it, after the article, in 2002, by Simpson.

History (Legend): Thought to be a blend of the words 'metropolitan' and 'heterosexual' but only the one who created it, knows for sure.


Mainly is a term to describe someone who has an unusual sense of style and appearance, who one might say obsesses on it.

That being they are highly conscious of what clothes they wear, what hair style, and other style accruements.

It does, in one sense imply that the person's sexuality is straight. However, it seems to further imply their connection to males who are Gay.

Practice (Associated Acts):

In many cases, the term also implies a more upper mobile person, one who has more leisure time, but also more disposable income, to indulge in their quirks.


There are some who consider the word offensive, as it implies that most gay males, are a certain type, being shallow or self conscious about appearance, and style.

Other's find it complimentary, in that Gay's are more conscious of things, other than sex.

Icons, associated or identified as the prime example of being a Metrosexual male are Brad Pitt, Tom Egger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ryan Seacrest (of American Idol fame), and of course, David Beckham.

Retrosexual is another word coined by Simpson, as the opposite to his term Metrosexual.

This implies one who is very masculine, who doesn't place high regard on how he appears. Not that he is dirty, merely that his focus is not centered around style, appearance.

Others have laid claim to coining the phrase, but no proof exists for their claims, such as radio presenter, Mitch Murray.

There are some, who claim that the term is merely a marketing ploy, to entice males to use grooming products, or such, that they normally wouldn't consider.

Further, they suggest, that it is merely an attempt, to establish new market sources, for products traditionally considered for the female gender, not the masculine male.

Other meanings

While unaware of it, the author of the word, concurs that it could indeed apply, in that the word is a blend of the Greek word 'meter' which refers to mother, and the Latin word 'sexus' which means gender.

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