The use of metal devices for restraint rather than rope.



A more intense form of restraint, in that metal is used rather than rope. This is also a more specialized form of control, as well as more uncomfortable for the subject.

Noteworthy: This form of bondage requires advanced planning, as not all metal devices are a 'fit all sizes' type of device. Many have to be made by custom order, and precise measurements used.

Metal is far more restrictive, and less forgiving of movement, thus more care needs to be taken in activities where a person is bound, using metal.

They can cause different damage, such as deep cuts, and added care needs to be exercised. Proper knowledge of one's range of movement, when restrained with metal devices is essential.

Using metal generally involves a key locking device as well, so spare keys should be kept on hand, and insured of their availability in case of emergency need.

Check all keys, the one's in use and those set aside as spares, to make certain they work on the devices being used.

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