Clubs that cater solely to those who enjoy masturbating, in public.



Generally a facility that caters to those seeking to masturbate, in public, with other males.


Believed to have developed or become more acceptable due to the AIDS and HIV scare of the 1980's. A by product of the desire for safer sex, while in the company of others.


Where generally single males, though couples can be found in some clubs, that sit around and masturbate themselves. It can also lead to mutual masturbation, but intercourse and other sexual acts are usually restricted.

Considered part of a more safer sex culture that developed after the AIDS / HIV scare of the 1980's.

These clubs cater solely to masturbation, that can be taken into more private surroundings. Though the main emphasis is on the more public display aspect.

Other meanings

Circle Jerks, the more known concept of several males sitting around ejaculating, is part of the driving force behind Masturbation Clubs, but also relates to various Fraternity Hazing rituals among many well noted fraternities.

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