A sex toy, designed to aid a person in ejaculating, to increase the sensual pleasure of jacking off.



Someone who enjoys frequent masturbation.

A device, used to aid a person in ejaculating.

To simulate or enhance one's perception that they are not jacking off with their hand, that they are having someone else do it (which can be the case) or they are engaging in anal penetrative sex by use of a specially designed device, apparatus.


Basically an artificial device, that simulates an orifice used for inserting the penis.

One simply places their penis into the opening, and depending on the device used, simulates the back and forth motion to create the added friction, to bring them to the point of ejaculation.

In most varieties available, this is a tube or cylinder, that may have a texture finish, to aid in the physical feelings, as the penis moves back and forth within the tube.

Some of these devices will have a tapered end, to provide a more realistic fit to the penis.

Depending on the particular item used, proper cleaning is a requirement, to add life to the toy, to provide less risk of infection or such.

These are personal devices, so should not be shared, though in all honesty, they are. Again, one added reason for insuring that proper cleaning of the item, inside and out, should be followed at all times.

The purpose to aid in one's masturbation, to enhance a fantasy that one may conjure up while jerking off. The device can provide that enhancement, by its construction, both inside and out.

These items come in various shapes, styles, to suit one's personal choices in fantasy masturbation.

Some of the more advanced 'masturbators' come with suction pillows inside, which further enhance the fantasy of being sucked off. They also help provide a more snug fit, to again aid in the fantasy.

Noteworthy: Many of these devices are silicon based, and can contain various added features. Most of the more expensive models available, are made from a texture, known as Cyberskin.

In addition to texture, some of the added features that can be found in the different varieties, are how the outside appearance is constructed.

This can be from a simple long sleeve appearance, to where the outer look simulates a person's mouth or even anus.

What lines the inside also can vary.

This can include beads, to add to the sensation when moving in and out. It can include tiny tendrils or other fabric, to further enhance the experience.

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