A male who trades sexual favors for monetary remuneration.



Generally a young man who will offer various sexual acts for a fee, based on the sexual acts being requested. The fee is generally separate from any other charges that might be incurred, such as with an escort.


Today's usage denotes a unsavory business practice, though in Ancient times it was actually a more respected profession, and not something kept hidden or in dingy locations. Ancient Greeks maintained 'brothels' in the open, in a society that was predominately male.

Both female and male prostitutes were given protection as well, from violence and/or abuse.

While the availability of young males, generally from the age of puberty until they grew facial hair, (today's model for Twinks) was common and not frowned upon, later on there was a stigma attached to the males who had grown out of the profession.

While 'male prostitutes' were easily obtained in Ancient Greece, it still was considered a shameful act, generally involved lower classes as the concept being that one who sold themselves for sex, lost their ability or right to citizenship, of being able to address perceived wrongs.

While there was no recriminations for availing oneself of a male prostitute, it did have legal complication once the prostitute grew out of their job. While some were kept longer, by constant shaving, there was a social stigma still attached to them.

Ancient Greeks looked down about fellatio, sucking of a cock, so while it was thought inappropriate to ask one's student for it, it was accepted practice to allow a prostitute to perform the act.

Ancient Rome followed the Greek practice, however Rome would use captured Slaves for the role, rather than free born. In fact they had 'prostitute farms' and these generally took in abandoned children, slave boys, and used them as 'prostitutes'. In addition, it was also a form of punishment for those who committed crimes.

Middle Ages saw increasing recriminations towards those who were in the sex trade, however despite the influence of the Catholic Church, was accepted. It was the belief that such services provided were essential in preventing rape, sodomy, and masturbation.

History (Legend): The spread of syphilis in 1492 is thought to have helped hardened the attitude towards Prostitutes, resulting in closure of several brothels.

In the 19th century, legalized prostitution was opposed by the Feminist Movement, due to passage of the 'contagious disease act' in both France and England. It was thought to be wrong for Government to regulate something that should be illegal. It was also argued that the exams required under such legalization was degrading to women.

In the United States, the Temperance Movement that brought about Prohibition, also brought about changing current US Law, and made prostitution Illegal in most States. Until the 1910-1915 era, when most States made prostitution illegal, it had been legal in most States of the Union.


Generally, the 'john' or 'trick' is approached, asked if they are seeking a ''date' and then the fees are discussed, and agreed upon. Most money is paid up front, or clearly shown and placed within reach.

There are lots of 'different' manners in which a prostitute can be engaged, whether on the street, through an 'escort agency' or even telephone ads or internet web pages.

Fees are negotiable, and there is no 'standard' rate however the more involved sex, being requested, generally means higher fees. It can be from where both perform the sex act on the other, one on the client, or the client on the worker.

Practice (Associated Acts): The lavishing of expensive gifts, including places to stay, clothing, jewelry, and other gifts can be considered payment for the sexual pleasures two parties engage it, when one does the giving, while the other doesn't.

This can be a form of prostitution, commonly known as one having a 'sugar daddy'.

Noteworthy: The concept appears to also exist in the Animal Kingdom, such as Adeli Penguins and in Hangingflies. In the case of the Macaque Monkeys, where it was found that a female would more likely have relations with a male monkey, 3 times more likely, if the male monkey would groom the female prior to attempting to engage in sex.

Sexual Orientation does NOT play a role in whether a male prostitute will engage in sex with another male. Known as 'gay for pay' heterosexual males will engage in homosexual acts, if the 'price' is right.

Most prostitutes have other jobs to make sufficient income to survive. They do not rely solely on the income derived from selling sexual favors. It is primarily used as a means to supplement their income, or as a means to get quick cash.

Other meanings

Used in a derogatory sense, such as meaning one is selling themselves for a cause or job that is considered beneath them. Such as doing things in a job, to gain advancement or to gain an edge over others.

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