Male escorts are men who are paid either to accompany men or women or to have sex with them.



Although male escorts are by definition paid to accompany men or women to functions like family gatherings or business dinners, the term and practice often refers to men who are willing to have sex for money. There are many publications and websites dedicated to helping male escorts and their clients meet for sexual interaction. There are also escort services or agencies that help both legitimate male escorts and sexual male escorts find prospective clients.


While there are some male escorts whose primary client base consists of women (also referred to as gigolos), most male escorts are available to other men. Some male escorts are available as "tops", who are men who tend to be more sexually assertive and who use their penises to penetrate their partners rather than being penetrated. Others are available to tops and are generally referred to as "bottoms", who are men who prefer to be penetrated. A third group, referred to as "versatile" are willing to penetrate or be penetrated anally. While these terms refer to other gay men as well as male escorts, you often see these terms in escort ads. There are now escort review sites to help men and sometimes women find the escort that is right for them. In these sites, typically customers of the escorts tell about their experiences and give each male escort a rating.

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