The condition of having an enormously large set of sexual organs.
An extreme fascination or sexual fantasy about giants.
maid training
Where the male partner, is dressed up as a Maid, and forced/commanded to perform duties that a maid would do, such as cleaning, washing, etc. Can include sexual humiliation acts as well.
make up sex
Sex that is purely used after a break up or disagreement between partners, or lovers.
male escorts
Male escorts are men who are paid either to accompany men or women or to have sex with them.
male prostitute
A male who trades sexual favors for monetary remuneration.
The Japanese version of the comic book, with a sometimes, more adult content, than its North American variety.
Title used by a female Dominatrix.
The practice of soft tissue manipulation by exerting physical pressure on selected parts of a person's body, through various methods.
Masters are the dominant partners in BDSM or dominant / submissive relationships.
A sex toy, designed to aid a person in ejaculating, to increase the sensual pleasure of jacking off.
Self stimulation of one's sexual genitals, to the point of achieving an orgasm.
masturbation clubs
Clubs that cater solely to those who enjoy masturbating, in public.
mature men
Mature men are men over 40 or sometimes over 35.
medical fetish
People having a gay medical fetish use medical equipment and/or scenarios erotically.
men in uniform
All sorts of men who wear uniforms are men in uniform.
metal bondage
The use of metal devices for restraint rather than rope.
A relatively new word, coined around 2000, where it is used to describe a heterosexual male, who exhibits the fashion, color, pickiness of a gay male, according to the perceived stereotype.
midnight cowboy
Another meaning for a street hustler, male, who generally works his trade at night. Additionally it implies homosexual sex only, not where one seeks women, but actively seeks other males, for sex, for money.
midnight lace
Lace or Curtains is a generally slang term, to refer to the foreskin.
midnight queen
A term used to denote a white male, who prefers to have sex with an African American male. Not used as much, as interracial sex is no longer a big taboo in society.
Word coined in 1863 that referred to the mixing of races, in regards to producing mixed race offspring.
Considered to be the basic sex position, for engaging in penetrative sex.
When a person drops their pants and under garments, to expose their buttocks to a person, or group.
Another term for a person who works at night, selling their body for sexual favours.
morphed cocks
Morphed cocks refers to photos or videos in which the cock is made to look HUGE.
Another term for a man's sexual appeal by another person. Sort of a campy version of a rating system.
multiple orgasm
When a person has several orgasms, in a row, without any, or minimal, time in between achieving the orgasms.
The wrapping up of a person from head to toe.
muscle men
Muscle men is another term for male bodybuilders.