Organization defending gay and lesbian civil rights.
latex fetish
Wearing of clothing made from Latex.
latino men
Latino men are men of spanish-speaking or latin american descent.
A heterosexual male, that shows feminine qualities, rather than masculine.
lavender boy
Derogatory term used to describe a homosexual male, that is less masculine than the perceived stereotype of a male. A more feminine type of male.
lavender marriage
A marriage for appearances sake, between a homosexual and a heterosexual partner.
lay with the moon
An expression, originating during the 1930's, meaning that someone had spent the entire evening, in bed, having sex.
Leather is a material made from cowhide that is used in some sexual practices and lifestyles.
When two females, engage in sex with each other OR are romantically involved with each other.
The irrational fear and/or disdain for Lesbians and/or the practice of same sex between two women.
The collective initials referring to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender community.
A person, usually male, that exhibits low or no moral values, in the pursuit of their own personal needs.
One's sexual drive or urge within, as described by Freud. The force within, that determines one's sexual urges, desires.
The type of limits agreed to in certain BDSM role playing or sexual sessions.
lincoln tunnel
A term to describe a person's anus, that is considered to be loose, or not very tight.
little southern romance
A euphemism for implying that one is going to jack off, to masturbate.
lorum piercing
Not to be confused with a Hafada Piercing, this is a piercing located just at the root of the penis, above the scrotum, but below the shaft of the penis.
lube or lubricant
Slippery substance used to enhance penetration whether using a condom or not, that allows for ease of masturbation as well as penetrative sex.