Sexual gratification, obtained through tickling another person.



Sexual gratification, obtained through tickling another person.


The main goal, is to achieve some form of sexual gratification, from tickling.

This can include simply watching another person being tickled.

It can also be more involved, which includes participation in the tickling of another, or of being tickled, or any combination.

Tickling Games can be about endurance, as well as amusement, or arousal.

These games can include a form of bondage, to enhance the experience.

This form is used to prevent the subject from covering up their sensitive areas, and it is common to be cuffed, or tied up in a spread eagled position.

Use of blindfolds are also quite common, to achieve some form of surprise, as well as to heighten the anticipation.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Gratification from Tickling, is varied, and can be about tickling another person, or of being the subject.

It can also involve various 'games' in which the object is to encourage the uncontrollable writhing, movement of another, by tickling,

Laughter is not necessarily the goal.

Some of the more sensitive body regions, are not confined to the genital area alone.

It includes the sides, the breasts, nipples, feet, ribs, naval, stomach, and armpits.

There are some, who because of the bondage element that can be introduced, consider this to be more of a BDSM type of fetish, though it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with it.

The thrill is the tickling, the inability of the subject to avoid it, so the bondage becomes merely a means of insuring achieving an ultimate experience.


Tickling is perceived as being part of the bonding process, among friends.

Most consider it to be the fifth, highest level, of social play among persons.

In some cases, tickling is part of the courting ritual, in a non sexual manner, though it can be both or either or.

It is also a form of foreplay, that helps break down the natural reserves, or issues of shyness, embarrassment.

The notion of having a Tickling Fixation, can also be outside of a strictly sexual meaning.

It can extend beyond mere sexual pleasure.

This fetish can extend to where it is the ultimate goal, to the exclusion of other sexual activities being achieved, or acted upon.

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