Variant of the basic sex position, in which both parties are kneeling.



Variant of the basic sex position, in which both parties are kneeling, but still facing each other, during penetration and climax.


The Missionary Position is considered to be one of the oldest sexual positions, given that the Great Apes use this form of copulation as well, which indicates it predates man.

Other primates also have been known to favor this position.


Both parties are in a kneeling position, facing each other.

Usually this is still done on the bed, but could be on any flat surface, like the carpet or even a table if you aren't afraid of falling off, or the table collapsing from the combined weight.

It is a little bit more difficult if there is a large height differential too, and well, not really something two guys can manage, now is it?

The 'Receiver' usually has to hold their legs apart a bit, to allow for the penetration.

To help compensate for height differences, the 'giver' usually will also open their knees, to be able to properly penetrate their partner (female).


This position is also good for dry humping, or basically sex without penetration.

It is believed that this variant of the traditional missionary position, allows for easier genital stimulation, between the partners, even leading to climax.

Now guys can do that easy enough.

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