k-mart crowd
Slang term used by Strippers, for those who gawk, but never tip.
A slang term for one's testicles, balls.
A slang term used to denote a female's breasts, generally referring to their abundant size.
A sexual arousal, by performing in front of a mirror, or in being able to view the sexual experience, through the use of mirrors.
A popular term referring, in general, to the ass, though mainly a reference to the fleshy part of the rear end. The Buttocks. Can also refer to the anus.
kegel exercises
Specific exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic muscles.
Another slang term, in a long list of alternative words, that refer to the male sex organ, the Penis.
kill a tree
Taking a piss in the outdoors. Urinating on a tree, grass, or anywhere, outdoors.
killing 45 seconds
A humorous term, referencing that the person is going to jerk off.
king kong dong
A super sized penis, when erect. Used in reference to a penis that enormous in both girth and length.
Sex that is considered not average, that has some added activities included that make it more wild, more naughty.
kissy face
Having a romantic time, kissing and cuddling a great deal. Someone who is into heavy kissing.
kitchen queen
Someone who performs oral anal sex, commonly known as Rimming.
A disorder, in which one perpetrates a crime, in order to achieve sexual arousal.
The term for those who get sexually aroused and pleasured, by having an enema administered, either by someone, or themselves.
A slang term, which in sexual parlance refers to a male's testicles, though it has other meanings.
kneeling missionary
Variant of the basic sex position, in which both parties are kneeling.
kneeling sixty nine
What is kneeling sixty nine? A variation of the sex position one is in a kneeling position.
Sexual gratification, obtained through tickling another person.
Specifically a gay term, for a person masturbating.
knob cheese
The fluid that is secreted under the foreskin of the penis.
knob polishing
The act of self stimulation, to the point of ejaculation.