A fungal infection found in the genital areas of both men and women. Though more predominant among men, it is a common infection due to lack of hygiene (cleaning of the genital area) or profuse sweating.



Technically called 'Tinea crusis' it is also known as ringworm of the groin.

It occurs from dirty towels, improper cleaning of the groin area, or simply profuse sweating in that region.

Usually occurs between the thighs and groin, an on the scrotum.

It can spread, to the feet, scalp and elsewhere. It is usually an infection on the skin, that develops red circles and is extremely itchy.

Many anti fungal crèmes or lotions can relieve the itchy feeling, while also dealing with the infection.

Jock Itch can also occur from wearing tight fitting clothing around the groin, such as a jockstrap, that folds the skin, creating a perfect environment for the fungus to develop.

Some natural cures are tea tree oil and garlic.

However, the best solution, naturally, is to insure a constant change of underwear, to not use the same towel when drying the groin as compared to the other body parts.

Use of talcum powder, that contains zinc or menthol, can further help contain the infection, and inhibit its progress.

Athlete's foot can further enhance the likelihood of Jock Itch, if conditions are right.

It can also refer to someone who has a desire to be more athletic, to become a sports figure.

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