jac blaster
Common slang term for poppers, or amyl-nitrate, that one snorts, that creates a head rush, while also relaxing the muscles.
jack ass
A term referring to a male prostitute, a hustler. One who sells their sexual favors for cash, money.
jack hammer
An oral sex position, in which the thrusting of the penis, is rapid, and quick in succession.
jacked up
A person who is horny, who is sexually stimulated and/or aroused.
Slang term used to denote the male sex organ, the penis.
jacking off
Of a male, engaged in masturbation, either by one's self or by a partner. The act of masturbation.
jail bait
Slang referring to the under aged partner in a sexual relationship.
jam tart
An old Cockney slang term, used to describe a sweetheart, as in sweet tart, in the rhyming slang of the time. It can also denote a wife, mistress, or prostitute.
japanese bondage
The cultural differences between Japanese form of bondage, which emphasis other aspects of bondage, including the pleasure for the submissive.
A dated slang term, mainly used by African Americans to refer either to a Lesbian, or to Lesbianism.
jelly sandwich
Slang term referring to a woman's sanitary pad, used during menstruation.
jerking off
A male stimulating themselves, or being stimulated manually, to the point where they ejaculate. To stimulate, principally, the penis to the point where semen is discharged.
jock itch
A fungal infection found in the genital areas of both men and women. Though more predominant among men, it is a common infection due to lack of hygiene (cleaning of the genital area) or profuse sweating.
A term that describes the dominant partner in a Lesbian relationship.
A 16th century word that meant penis, that evolved to the word Jock in the 19th Century which meant to engage in sexual intercourse.
gay jocks - The term jocks refers to male athletes.
joy knob
Another slang term, popular, for the male penis.
joy sock
One of many euphemisms for a condom, or prophylactic that covers the penis during sexual intercourse.
jump someones bones
Common phrase referring to one's intense desire to have sex with another, to engage in wild sex. A very strong desire to have sex with another person.
jump start the rive
A fairly common term used by women. Used to indicate a woman's desire to engage in masturbation, similar to a males' use of phrases like 'going to play the trombone' or other similar terms.
jungle rot
Slang term for a venereal disease, and/or form of crotch itch.
jus primae noctis
'The Lord's right' which is an alleged ancient law, referring to the right of a rich property holder, a Lord, to take the virginity of those residing within their lands.