Basic sex position, where the 'giver' is on the bottom, while the 'receiver' is on top.



Basic sex position, where the 'giver' is on the bottom, while the 'receiver' is on top.


Ancient Chinese preferred the traditional Missionary Position, due to their belief that men were born face down, and woman were born face up.

Kagaba natives of Columbia believed in stability, and preferred the traditional missionary position due to their believe that it allowed for more control over the woman, preventing her from moving around too much.

It was their belief that if the woman moved too much, the earth would slip off the shoulders of the four giants who held it up out of the water.


There is basically no difference, between the Inverted Missionary position, and the more traditional Missionary position, other than the 'receiver' is on top, instead of being the bottom.

Again, it is done in the prone position, with both parties facing each other, to maintain the intimacy level.

The 'Giver' doesn't generally have to do much, in this position, as the 'receiver' is able to position themselves onto the penis.

Even during penetration, the two remain more or less, prone. Not easy for two guys to do, but not hard for two woman, if the 'giver' is using a solid strap on dildo.


Believed to have been popularized by the woman's liberation movement, in which women were tired of always being under a man, so a role reversal during sex, was a means of establishing equality between the sexes.

How true that is, is open for debate.

Ancient Greeks weren't particularly fond of the Missionary Position, due to the nature of their beds, plus the fact that the men were much older, larger, than their woman.

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