The physical attraction bordering on fetishism, for other ethnic races, from one's own race.



The sexual need, desire, to have relations with a member of a different ethnic race, such as White on Black, Asian on White, or any other racial combination.


History (Legend): Interracial mixing was not a popular practice in many cultures, however the so called 'more enlightened' perceived that interracial mingling, allowed for healthier children, less congenital defects occurring, which 'inbreeding' created. This was expanded to 'races', though many purists argue that the gene pool among races is wide enough to allow for 'inbreeding' on the wider sense.


The engaging of two racially diverse persons in sexual acts. In heterosexual relations, it is believed to be one of dominance over another race, or to prevent the blood line from being contaminated or weakened from disease.

[The Heterosexual Desire is considered to be where one race seeks to breed outside its own, for the creation of healthier children. In some circles, it is thought to also be an aversion to 'incest', in that even while partners are not related by blood, the race itself is, and that having sex within one's own race is akin to incest.]

Sexually, it is simply the exotic attraction that another race creates.

There are traits, associated with different races, that are not necessarily true, or applicable, however it is the perception of having forbidden fruit, that creates (might create) an initial attraction.

Simply put, it is generally an attraction for another, based on basic characteristics, that one finds more prevalent in another race, than their own.

Noteworthy: Sexual attraction for other 'races' is believed to be more of a desire to have what society has stereo typed some races as being..

An example being that many Whites are under the impression that Blacks are more endowed, than White males. That they are less inhibited as well.

Attraction for Asian Men, is stereo typed as seeking a more submissive partner, than one could find among their own race.

Latin Males are perceived as being over sexed, having a tremendous sex drive. It is this perception, plus the features, that help attract many to this popular niche.

European Males are sought, mainly for the perceived notion that they are a bit more sophisticated, as well as having uncut penises. Another sexual attraction.

There is also the concept that White Men are attracted to 'other races' as a form of exerting their superiority of race over another.

In some instances, it isn't the stereo typing of penis sizes, or demeanor that creates the attraction. It can be the physical traits of the other race that creates the desire. The way an Oriental Might look, the facial features, body features, can elicit a preference for that type of sex partner.

In short, it isn't about the myths, that are out there, such as Blacks being hung, or having sweeter cum, that attracts many. It is the color, just like some prefer Blond hair, (or other racial characteristic) that elicits the sexual craving.

There are some who also believe that the sex trade in Pacific Regions, like Thailand, Philippines, help to foster some of the stereotypical believes about Asians, leading to a craving for them.

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