The sewing of the foreskin closed, to prevent exposure of the head of the penis.



To insert a thin needle, in the foreskin to close it over the head of the penis, which applies to those who are uncut.

For circumcised males, the skin of the scrotum is used to cover the flaccid penis.

Either application is designed to prevent erection, or to allow for a comfortable erection. Used in what is considered extreme BDSM sex play games, but was primarily used for chastity purposes outside of BDSM practices.


Ancient civilizations record various forms of Infibulation, for both sexes.

It was a form of modesty in Ancient Greece, however was also used as a way to insure that one's mate was chaste, pure and unsullied by sexual relations, prior to marriage.

Among males, it was used among captured slaves, to insure they were chaste. The goal was to prevent sexual intercourse, not ejaculation through masturbation.

Many athletes, poets, and public performers, of Ancient Times, would self administer a form of Infibulation.

This was mainly due to a form of modesty, as the sight of an erect penis was considered, rude or distasteful when in public.

This was accomplished by a clasp and string, that would close the foreskin, and pull the penis to one side of the body.

This was known as “Kynodesmç (dog control)”

At the time, only slaves and barbarians would expose an erect penis, so this was a sign of being a person of quality, of repute, and not just about modesty.

This practice was clearly depicted in many vases and statues of the time.


It appears that the use of needles, through sensitive areas such as the penis, releases an unusual amount of endorphins, in proportion to the pain produced.

Most claim such a piercing is no more painful than an injection, though it can be increased through other methods.

The needle(s) are generally left in, to insure that the holes don't close.

In addition, it has been noticed that slight movement of these needles, will add a further release of endorphins, adding to the pleasure being experienced by the 'subject'.

Practice (Associated Acts):

The size of needle used can impact the sensations.

As this is for temporary use, ordinary needles are recommended, rather than those specific for piercings. Those are generally hollow tipped, cut at an angle, to allow for cutting into the skin.

Ordinary injection type needles ( Hypodermic Needles) are suggested, and they come in various sizes or diameters.

Sewing Needles are generally not recommended for use, as these require sterilization by the user. Hypodermic needles purchased from a proper pharmacy are already sterilized, and are readily available, and economic.


During Victorian times, many of the middle class parents would practice Infibulation for their teenage sons, to aid in preventing nocturnal emissions.

Other meanings

Primarily used in 'denial' sex play, the goal is to deny the subject the ability to experience an erection, or to actually relieve themselves.

Masturbation becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible, as an erection under this type of 'piercing' is painful, as is ejaculation.

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