An acronym for "Itty Bitty Mean" which is in reference to one's penis size being abnormally small, or implied it is small.
icing expert
A slang term, in the gay community, for someone who is good at, and who enjoys, sucking another's male's penis. One who has a preference for oral sex.
icing queen
Gay slang or term referring to a person who is really good at sucking another male off, in making them cum through oral stimulation of the penis.
An acronym for a gay/lesbian rights organization, that counts membership worldwide, and once held consultative status with the United Nations.
A form of bondage, that completely restraints the subject, to where they are unable to move, in the slightest degree.
impact play
Where one derives sexual pleasure from being struck on their buttocks, or other body parts, or by administrating such striking actions.
Inability to achieve an erection to sufficiently procreate, or enjoy sexual intercourse, or have proper penetrative sex.
in the closet
The term referring to one not being sexually identified in public, or being hidden from others.
in the trade
expression used by those in the business of selling their bodies for sexual pleasures of others. Prostitution, in other words.
An adult who has a fetish that consists of wearing diapers and acting as a baby is said to practice infantilism.
The sewing of the foreskin closed, to prevent exposure of the head of the penis.
Where one is unfaithful to one's committed other, or spouse. Generally involves sex with another party, outside the boundaries of a committed relationship, such as marriage.
The person who is the top and penetrates the bottom in the anus.
Another meaning for someone who likes to watch others having sex.
A humorous euphemism one uses to refer to their penis, such as when they are planning to masturbate, they will say they are off to play their favourite instrument.
The physical attraction bordering on fetishism, for other ethnic races, from one's own race.
inverted missionary
Basic sex position, where the 'giver' is on the bottom, while the 'receiver' is on top.
iron closet
A 20th Century term, that referred to a Homosexual who denies being Gay, even to himself. One who denies their own sexual orientation.
Slang word used in BDSM circles, to describe a form of restraint, which uses metal, rather than more pliable options such as leather, straps, rope, etc.
The act of forcing one's penis into the mouth of another (in a forcible manner), or/and rubbing one's penis across another's body, in order to achieve ejaculation.