The emphasis for one's sexual arousal is based on the mental humiliation of another, or of being humiliated.



In many forms of BDSM, the mental aspect of dominance is shown threw verbal commands or jargon, that helps create a specific climate, that being one of dominance, but with a different focus.

Erotic Humiliation is the point where one becomes sexually aroused, by those words, whether being the one saying them, or on the receiving end of such language.


The word 'humiliation' has its root from Latin, meaning 'earth' which is the focus of this form in BDSM. It is to bring one down to earth, to the bottom.


Erotic Humiliation can be broken down, into basic components. One is naturally the physical means, while the other is the mental aspect.

Physical humiliation can be simple, easy to perform. It involves forcing the other participant to do certain acts, that they would believe constitutes being humiliated.

Such forms can be mild in nature, such as simply requiring them to lick toes before being allowed to masturbate or engage in further sexual acts.

It can involve urination, or more 'objectionable' bodily functions, though it should be noted, that this form of humiliation, as the more mental one, is about achieving the arousal from the humiliation aspect, rather than say the act of having your toes sucked or licked.

It is the sight of the person doing it that is the turn on, or if one gets off on being humiliated then it is the fact that they are being required to do it, that is the main focus.

The physical aspects of humiliation can be both private and public, in nature, which reinforces the humiliation focus.

It can also include on how a subject is allowed to perform daily tasks, such as insisting that they clean a floor with a toothbrush, but not just any toothbrush.

It is partially about regimentation, but about doing things in a very specific manner, which can transcend outside the bedroom, into the daily routines of the two parties.

The physical way a subject can dress is an example. How they are allowed to appear in public, or conduct themselves in front of others, is part of the routine, of the role playing, associated with Erotic Humiliation.

It isn't just about the sex, but how they reach it.

Mental Humiliation is far more involved, than just a simple choice of trigger words thrown at a subject.

Mental humiliation can be applied with physical methods, though the emphasis is on the verbal commands, how they are spoken, and the tone.

Keep in mind the goal, is to be aroused either by the giving or the receiving.

Verbal words like 'Faggot, Slut, Whore' are hurtful words, but in this instance are considered appropriate, providing a clear and concise agreement is reached between the parties.

Words can leave a long term mental mark, that can effect one's behavior.

This type of humiliation can be direct insults, to specific body parts, such as the size of the penis. While the insults may in fact be exaggerated, it is the mental effect that it causes that creates this form of sexual arousal.

This can include public degradation, by verbal insult, and attack.

Such forms include the making fun of specific body parts, of how a person performs, in a derisive manner.

In some instances, this type of humiliation is the 'foreplay' aspect of the relationship, without the physical touching.

Practice (Associated Acts): Verbal humiliation can include the repeating back of commands, to enforce the dominance one has over the other, but also to show the mastery of one. This is about being perceived of being of a lower class, than the other.

It is this which generates the arousal, for either party.

Excessive flattery of the dominant party is another form of verbal humiliation, in which the subject is admitting their weaknesses, while extolling the superiority of the other partner.

Noteworthy: It should be noted, that some name calling can be desired, yet other forms of name calling could be crushing. It is essential to properly discuss all forms, to set a list of what is, what isn't, acceptable terms, phrases, or actions.

Verbal abuse, can be devastating, and there is a fine line between erotic humiliation, and abuse. So clear goals, clear definition is important between both parties, which oddly enough requires both parties to be extremely aware of their own limits.

Erotic Humiliation can be arousing, at any point. It does not always require immediate sexual satisfaction, in the traditional sense.

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