Slang term used to reference the sexual drive and activity of older males.



That despite age, males of advanced years can still participate, enjoy, engage, in sex, equal to that of younger males. A slang phrase used to denote that somehow, older men, aren't always aroused, sexually.

Studies have shown that many older adults still enjoy an active sex life, or at least have thoughts or desires for one. However, society has placed certain barriers, that inhibit Seniors from acting on their desires, or needs.

Physical impediments do play a part, but not as significantly as does Society Standards, or norms.


Traditionally, when women hit menopause, their sexual drive diminishes, or can diminish. However there are drugs that can alter that, and improve their desire for sexual contact, relations.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is one such procedure, however, it does have some side effects.

Studies have shown that women find sexual contact less pleasurable, as they grow older, due to lubrication problems (corrected by using proper lubricants), pain in the pelvic region, and other maladies, that help inhibit an active sex life.

It is a barrier, but one that can be surmounted, if one chooses to.

Men on the other hand, face erectile dysfunction which can be adjusted through drugs as well, such as Viagra.

Simple truth is that while one's sense of urgency for sexual gratification does lessen, it is not as drastic as society makes it to be. It is simply that as one gets older, they have more patience.


Communication between partners, and physicians is important as one gets older in years. Studies have shown that while nearly 75% of older people (aged 55 to 85) had strong sexual urges, many didn't act on them, due to fear of health risks, or of self denial due to society. (referred to as 'ageism')

Sexual activity can also be considered beneficial to not just a better quality of life, but can have physical benefits as well. Such as cardio vascular.

Older Males may find that the amount of semen ejaculated decreases (due to the aging prostrate muscles), or that it can take considerably longer to be replenished. In some cases, as long as 48 hours.

Due to less pliable bones, or a decreasing strength in bone structure, older men should find positions that are less stressful on certain joints, to avoid injury or excessive pain.

Practice (Associated Acts): Older males can find that it will take more to stimulate them, in that foreplay can become far more important. The more impatient younger men may not appreciate it, but the older one gets, the more it can help to improve the quality of their sexual activity.

Oral sex is dependent on how sensitive the nerve endings are, and most find that they don't necessarily deteriate with age.

While health issues can effect one's sexual abilities, drive, such as Diabetes, there are ways to work around such liabilities. The biggest is one's mental state. Simply because an erection is less firm than that of a 20 year old, doesn't mean it is not possible to engage in full sexual intercourse.

Use of sex toys such as vibrators can help enhance the quality of one's sexual encounter, as they get older. Specially if one has arthritis in their hands.

Timing is everything too, and the older one gets, the more easily they tire out, so it is recommended by some that as one gets older, they should consider having sexual relations during the earlier hours of their day, rather than later.

Setting the mood is also more conducive for older persons, to be relaxed enough to engage in sexual activity.


The more a person believes that they are fit, the more likely they are to seek sexual relations, despite their age. The other important point to note, is that the more one communicates their needs, desires, with a physician, the better advice they can get as to what form their sexual activity can be, in regards to physical safety.

Taking pain killers just before sex, such as Tylenol, can provide sufficient ease of pain from Arthritis to allow for a pleasurable sexual experience.

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