Cartoon exaggeration of sexual exploits.



USA Slang term denoting cartoon drawings of a pornographic nature, where the acts are either impossible to actually do, or of a extreme nature.

Original Japanese term denotes a change, metamorphosis, that is used in a negative manner, denoting weird or abnormal. In Japan it is used to mean 'sexually perverted' and what we in the West refer to as Hentai is referred to in Japan as 'ju hachi kin' meaning prohibited to those under 18.


Shortened form of the term assigned to the Japanese translation (1914) of the work by Richard von Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis, (Hentai Seijoko Shinri) It is a word compound, where 'hen' means weird or strange, while 'tai' means attitude or appearance. It's use has generally meant 'pervert' or 'weirdo' but not in reference to pornography. That is generally referred to as 'seijin manga' or '18-kin'

It is the Western World that has associated this term with meaning pornographic cartoons or animation.


Animated cartoon like depictions of exaggerated sexual organs, actions, positions, depicting extreme scenes that are considered beyond the normal society accepted standards. Generally includes non human figures, with tentacles.

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