The reference to a Japanese Sex Club, similar to the North American sex club.



The term used by the Japanese to denote a sex club.

A place where people pay a fee to enter, to have random sex with other patrons, in a public venue, or in private rooms provided.

Drinks (alcohol) are usually provided free of charge, and single men are usually charged more than couples.


Couple kissa is usually restricted to male and females, restricted in that male on male sex is not permitted. Free drinks at a bar in the establishment is usually provided, along with private rooms and traditional shower facilities.

Happening Bars will allow single male members inside, but usually at an inflated fee, or membership price.

Both types of clubs have strict rules, regarding underage admissions, drunks, or to groups. Some even restrict foreigners from being allowed inside.

Noteworthy: These clubs skirt the legal system in Japan, by claiming that they do not promise sex, merely a means for people to meet, and to freely engage in consensual activity, which can include sex.

In most cases, this is a 'members only' club, where extensive screening and/or vetting is done prior to a person gaining membership privileges.

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