The term for a piercing located on the scrotum. A more surface type of piercing, than deep penetrating.



History (Legend): There is some thought that the use of this type of piercing was a 'coming of age' ritual in the Middle East. However there is no documentation to prove, or disprove, the theory.


To pierce the skin of the scrotum, inserting a stainless steel jewelry is classed as being a surface piercing. It is less intrusive into the body, and the scrotum, being considerably looser, has less risk of rejection of this type of piercing.

Practice (Associated Acts): Multiple Hafada Piercing can exist on their own, as an extension of another type of Genital Piercing, known as a Frenum Ladder Piercing

Noteworthy: The type of jewelry associated with this piercing is varied. It can be a simple 'barbell type', a 'curved barbell type', or what is referred to as a 'Captive Bead Ring'

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