hafada piercing
The term for a piercing located on the scrotum. A more surface type of piercing, than deep penetrating.
half and half
The term for when a prostitute has oral sex with a client, then penetrative sex, intercourse, in the same session.
Slang mainly used in North America, refers to anal sex, using the fist. To attempt to place one's entire hand, or both hands, into another's anus, and then balled up into a fist, though not always.
A handjob is when one person uses their hand or hands to stroke or otherwise stimulate another's penis.
hanky code
The meaning or references implied in wearing particular colored hankies in one's back pocket, and on which side.
happening bar
The reference to a Japanese Sex Club, similar to the North American sex club.
Extreme sexual depictions which includes penetration.
A collection of submissive's that service one dominant, within a BDSM context.
healing stroke
Hand jobs are a staple in sex, but you need to do it the right way, such as hitting the right spots, using the right techniques.
A Japanese term, referring to erotic art, mainly comics, animation, and games, where the human form is exaggerated, or made to be rather, disproportionate to reality, most notably the female breasts, the male penis.
hentai or yaoi
Cartoon exaggeration of sexual exploits.
A viral infection that effects the Liver of the recipient, transmitted by different means, depending on the strain of the virus.
Someone who has no preference, in sexual partners, in that they don't identify as being exclusively gay or straight. Usually that they are capable of relations, with both the opposite sex, as well as the same gender.
high heels
A specific fetish, desire or sexual attraction, to a person in high heels.
hobble skirt
Skirt like apparel, used to restrict a person's ability to move around quickly. Primarily used in bondage application.
Another term for homosexuality, with the emphasis being placed on love, rather than sex, as Homosexual implies.
A sexual and emotional attraction to those of the same gender. Not exclusive to male on male, or female on female.
Same gender relationship, that is NOT based on sex, or about sexual preferences, but more on a social bonding level.
Commonly used slang term to describe someone who is sexually aroused and/or stimulated to the point where they feel the urgent need to resolve the issue.
horny old men
Slang term used to reference the sexual drive and activity of older males.
Basically, any item of furniture, in which the submissive can be firmly tied to, or bound to, that exposes the buttocks in an upraised manner.
Device used in BDSM play, specifically in cock and ball torture, that restricts the submissive movement.
The emphasis for one's sexual arousal is based on the mental humiliation of another, or of being humiliated.
A less than complimentary term for engaging in sex, more specifically, penetrative sex.
Term in reference to someone who has been blessed with an extra large penis, in the eyes of the beholder. In short, someone with a bigger than average dick.
A sexually attractive and muscular man.
hurt but not harm
The main credo of those into BDSM or rough sex play, in which the goal is to inflict pain to their partner. A mantra, to insure that one can have extreme limits, but that there are limits not to be crossed.
Slang term used to denote someone who charges for sexual favors.
Sexual arousal or attraction to someone who is/has committed serious criminal acts, such as Mass Murders, Rapists, and other notorious crimes.
The new term for being addicted to sex, in a more non gender biased way. Replacing the term Nymphomania and Satyriasis.