A erotic sexual attraction to a female, or to femininity.



A erotic sexual attraction to a female, or to femininity.


Taken from the Greeks words 'Gune' and 'Philia'

This is where 'Gune' means 'woman'.

Philia of course, refers to 'the love of'


Similar in nature, to that of being an Androphiliac, this is where one has the love or arousal from a woman.

While traditionally, the term used is Heterosexual, this term was used to widen the meaning, to include those who may appreciate, love, a woman or the femininity aspect, without creating a gender bias.

Should note, this attraction is based on adult women, also between the ages of 20 and 50.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Though not as common as Men seeking transition to being a Female, there are noted cases where some Women identify more with being a Male, yet are attracted to woman, in the more traditional sense.

The use of this term, includes them, without creating a bias.


A more inclusive term, to denote those who desire woman companionship, in a sexual context.

This term does refer to an erotic, sexual attraction.

It can refer to simply an arousal to a woman, or to one who exhibits a greater amount of feministic qualities.

Identical to Androphilia, other than the gender and gender qualities.

This term is increasingly being used to describe the sexual orientation of trans gender persons.

Other terms used, is Gynophilia, Gynaecophilia, Gynesexuality.

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