The type of piercing of the perineum, the diamond shaped region from the penis to the anus.



Piercing of the diamond shaped skin, located just below the penis, and running towards the anus. This piercing can be an extension of a 'Frenum Ladder Piercing'.

Several Guiche Piercing, running parallel to each other is known as a Guiche Ladder


Generally a barbell type of jewelry is used, in which the piercing runs vertical to the penis shaft and anus. It can be horizontal but for the most part isn't.

Use of Captive Bead Rings are also popular for use in this type of piercing.

Due to the closeness to the anus, it is important to practice proper hygiene during the healing process. It should continue afterwards as well, due to the possibility of migration or rejection of the piercing itself, once healed.

In some instances, more specialized piercing jewelry may be required after the piercing, to avoid possible infection.

Practice (Associated Acts):

More lavish 'flesh tunnel' type of jewelry can also be used, with this type of piercing.

These types are hollow inside, and are also made of various materials, such as bone, titanium, glass, plus the more standard stainless steel.

In addition, special 'weights' can be attached, for added sexual stimulation and pleasure.

Noteworthy: Guiche Piercing is more common among males than woman, though some do use it. For woman, the area is from the Vagina to the Anus.

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