Porn video in which the camera person, is also part of the video, as a participant, as well as the director.



This is where the porn video, or adult rated video, is presented from a first person viewpoint, in which the person shooting the video, is also a participant in the video.

These videos also generally contain little set up or dialogue, but are simply video records of sex, told in a first person style, format. This means that the 'story line' is shown from the participants viewpoint, who also happens to be the camera person.


Believed to have been started by John Stagliano, in his 'buttman' series, least as it applies to porn videos.

Popularized in the 1990's, they have opened the door for the amateur style that is still highly popular today. It has allowed for an explosion of amateur renditions, where the camera person is also a participant, and that the quality of sound, of lighting, is not always well presented.

There are some who believe that this particular style, came about from Gonzo Journalism, which is similar in that the person doing the reporting became part of the story being told.


Traditionally, Gonzo videos are less about story line, costumers, or fancy sets, but concentrates solely on the sex acts.

In most cases, the sex is not wide angled, but close up views, of those encounters, showing more details, closer scenes concentrating on the genitals and such, rather than the persons involved.

While usually set as a first person narrative, or visual narrative, most Gonzo videos contain greater sex scenes, than the more styled adult videos did.

The quality is dependent on the studio, and Gonzo Videos does not mean poor quality, though it has opened the door for less expensive productions, more amateur renditions, than were normally produced.

Generally the camera is pre set or is allowed to zoom in to record close ups more of the action, of the genitals, than of the whole person or persons.

There is generally no set up, no dialogue involved but instead gets right into the participants having sex, or engaging in sexual acts. Stoppage in play, to adjust cameras, etc. have been noted in the less than stellar productions, so that transitions are not as smooth as in more mainstream porn videos.

Some studios however, do make efforts to keep the production professional, in style.

Practice (Associated Acts): The focus is on the sex, more than anything, however current renditions are including better sets, and some costumes. There are some who argue that Gonzo Videos do have a story line, just that it is secondary to the action.

Gonzo Videos are also catering to more hardcore sex, than traditional porn videos seem to be doing.

Noteworthy: Some of the more noted persons associated with Gonzo production is Seymore Butts, Shane from Shane's World.

Other meanings

Gonzo is also a popular Muppet.

In some circles, when a man lays his balls over a persons face, and dangles their penis across that person's nose, it is called Gonzo. Supposedly due to reference to the Muppet creation, who has an exaggerated propiscus.

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