A common sexually transmitted disease, that is also on the rise, that can lead to serious health consequences. Men are more susceptible than Woman.



A disease, transmitted primarily through sexual contact.

However, infected women can pass this disease on to their newborn children, with serious consequences such as blindness.

Generally this involves painful urination and a puss like discharge from the penis, but can lead to more serious complications.


Gonorrhea is caused by a kidney shaped bacterium, called the Neisseria-gonorrheae.

This bacterium can spread through the bloodstream, effecting even the Brain, as well as other organs. It can cause blindness.

Commonly found in the throat, rectum, vagina, urinary tracts, and eyes.


Almost always contracted through unprotected sex.

This includes anal, oral sex as well as vaginal sex.

For men, the general symptoms are a yellowish discharge from the penis, an itching or burning at the tip of the cock head, a swelling even of the testicles or scrotum.

It can include a burning sensation when urinating as well as increased urination.

Usually for those who develop symptoms, it occurs within 2 to 30 days after infection.

Left untreated, it can spread to the Prostate, and can lead to Sterility for Men.

Practice (Associated Acts): On average, up to 20% of Males will not show any symptoms of note, while for women it can be about 50%. This is a major factor in the rise of Infection, today.

80% of new cases come from those in the 15 to 29 age groups, and are considered at the highest risk for infection of this disease. One that is HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS.

Transmission of this disease is very effective. It can be simply by coming into contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. This means CUM mostly, but can be urine and blood.

A non infected person stands about a 60 to 90% risk of infection, when engaging in just one single sexual encounter with an infected person.

Noteworthy: The CDC (center for disease control in the United States) has issued a warning about the rising rate of infection of this STD. They estimate that there are about 700,000 NEW CASES each year.

The most notable increase seems to be coming from those engaging in male to male sex, though there is an increase among the heterosexual population as well.

It should also be NOTED, that there is a New Strain appearing, that is being classed as a Super Bug, which means that normal treatment is INEFFECTIVE.

The CDC estimates that less than half of the actual cases of Gonorrhea are reported, and that despite earlier efforts, it is on the rise, in dramatic numbers.


Other meanings

Treatment is generally non invasive, and is simply the taking of proper antibiotics, however with the increase in cases, some drugs more commonly used for treatment are no longer having an effect.

TESTING is essential, to insure that what ever treatment used is effective.

Men stand about a 20% chance of being infected, when engaging in sex with an infected woman, however uninfected women stand about a 50% chance of contracting the disease when having sex with an infected Male.

There isn't any odds listed for those uninfected men, having sex, with an infect male.

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