Being urinated on, or urinating on another person, or simply watching another urinate.



A fetish, where one has a fascination for urine. Principally, the desire or fascination revolves around watching another person urinate.

Golden Showers is more where this urination is done over another person. Either the one doing the urinating or receiving it, is being stimulated and/or aroused by the act.

In some circles, such as BDSM, the act is a form of dominance over another, or of creating a form of humiliation, which is the actual turn on for the parties involved.

This is merely a means to further that aim, goal.

Golden Showers are a form of bodily fluid exchange, and can be a risk factor in the transmission of infectious diseases. This is specially true if the receiving person has any open sores, or wounds.

In practice, it is generally done where one person is prone, looking up at the other.

This person positions themselves over the other, generally so they can properly aim their stream of urine across the prone party's body.

Depending on preferences, many prefer the stream to be sprayed across their upper body, and their groin area. In some instances, they like it to be sprayed between their butt cheeks as well.

Some will incorporate having it sprayed over their face, and across their mouth. Many will involuntarily swallow some, while others will willingly open their mouths to receive the urine as well.

The excitement, or arousal, is from watching the stream of urine leaving the penis, and feeling it strike their body. Some will masturbate at the same time, trying to climax at the point where the spray ends.

Drinking a great deal of liquids in advance, and holding it, will allow for a hard stream, as well as provide amble urine to dispense.

Many will then engage in a shower together, to clean up, but it is important to note, that one must properly clean themselves up afterwards, to help avoid possible infections.

Noteworthy: In some jurisdictions, this sexual act or fetish, is considered to be obscene, and actionable in criminal courts of those jurisdictions.

The drinking of urine, in times of having no water is considered not to be of any real benefit, given that urine comprises a high salt content, which only adds to the dehydration of the body.

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