The hole in a partition or wall, that allows one to stick their penis through, for anonymous sex with another.



Primarily a hole found in restroom stalls, between two stalls, which is generally hip high. It is the size of a fist, generally, to allow one to easily insert their penis, for a person on the other side to perform sexual acts on the protruding penis, with anonymity.

Usually found in gay bars, adult book stores, and known cruising restrooms. However, can be found in other places, such as department store change rooms, washrooms, and other business establishments.

There is also a 'female equivalent' of Glory Holes.


While the origin is unknown, there is reference to such a practice in Shakespeare's play 'Midsummer Nights Dream'.

In addition, there is some thought that it originated in much earlier times, originally as a hole from which to spy on others in adjacent rooms, that evolved to where heterosexual males could relieve themselves, sexually, while not having contact with other men, or with the other person.

History (Legend): The popularity of Glory Holes is believed to be an extension of some, whose fear of being outed, is somewhat limited, by the physical separation a Glory Hole creates.


One man, standing, generally places their erect penis through the opening, while another man, generally kneeling, will then take the penis, to perform sex.

This can be simply to grasp the penis, and stroke it to ejaculation. Other methods can involve oral sex, where one uses their mouth to make the other achieve ejaculation.

In some cases, anal sex can also be performed, which involves the person backing up and allowing the penis to be inserted by their own backwards motion.

Due to the risks, such as law enforcement, gay bashing, and such, the general rule is that one doesn't just drop their drawers, insert the penis in the hole.

Usually, the other party, willing to perform the act, will place their finger through the hole, wiggle it, and follow it with some form of auditory signal, such as purring or whistling.

Only then, does the other usually insert their penis, for the other to enjoy.

There are health risks associated as well, and condoms are recommended, though often ignored.

Practice (Associated Acts): In some instances, these partitions can be found in a home, for use in various sexual role playing games. It is used to simulate 'anonymous' sex, and can also be used in various pornographic depictions, to enhance the fantasy of its members. Even though the participants aren't actually anonymous to each other, it creates the impression for the viewer, member.

There is the concept, that this form of sex is motivated by the desire to have a physical release, without the emotional attachments, or involvement.

It is also been thought to be a way for those considered unattractive, or for those who have difficulty in obtaining sexual partners, such as overweight males, to have some physical contact with another male, without rejection.

Noteworthy: Prior to the AIDS Epidemic, Glory Holes were found in many locations. However, they were also used as 'bait' in various gay bashings, and have been popularized in various 'teen' movies, such as Porky's.

Gloryholes can still be found in other locations, than just Gay Bars or Bathhouses. They were found in Military establishments, were heterosexual males would use these holes, simply for the physical release offered, irrespective of the gender behind the wall or partition.

In some instances, these holes were installed for law enforcement, or were 'manned' for entrapment of those wishing to engage in such sexual activities.

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