The attraction to those who are hairless in the genital region, either through illness, nature, or by design.



The sexual attraction to people who are hairless in and around their genital area. Either as a result of nature, illness, or by choice through shaving, electrolysis, and other means.


Western Society has the notion that hairless is more feminine, and youthful looking, than other cultures. It is encouraged among women to remove armpit hairs, and leg hairs, as well as the obvious facial hairs.

Hair removal is mainly aesthetic, though there are medical reasons for a lack of hair at certain regions that would normally sprout hair, such as the pubic region.

Pubic hairs are also considered a sign of puberty.

In some religions, the shaving of hairs, pubic or public, is strictly forbidden, such as the Sikh religion. It is believed that such hairs, when shaved, represent extreme sexuality, which is frowned upon.


There are varied methods to remove one's pubic hairs, or other hairs. Note, that some creams, or processes can pose allergic reactions with the skin, or cause other irritations that could pose discomfort risks, or even health risks.

For Men, the normal practice is to shave the genital region, using a safety razor and proper shaving cream, with lanoline or other softening issue.

Application of warm water prior to applying the cream is recommended, to help open the pores, to make the shaving easier. Electric devices, can pose more of a risk, than regular hand shavers with safety blades. Care should always be used when shaving around the penis and scrotum.

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