The general term referring to the visible sex organs of a person, that are clearly exposed outside of the body.



A general purpose word to describe the sexual organs for mammals, involved in the reproduction system of the body.

Most however use the term to describe the exposed portions of the sexual organs.

For men, this refers to the scrotum and penis.

For women, it refers to the clitoris and vulva.

These are usually referred to as the 'primary or external' genitalia.


Taken from Latin, the word is Genitalia, though modern usage has anglicized the word to Genitals.


Western civilization generally expects these parts of the human body to be covered, in various forms.

Exposure can lead to possible criminal repercussions, when in public locations.

Many of the restrictions for 'genital exposure' are based on society values, of the time.

Many regions will include different degrees of exposure, in its determination of what is, what isn't indecent exposure.

Religious views play a major role in what is, and what isn't considered as valid exposure.

In the Western Civilizations, accidental exposure of the genitalia are usually associated with shame, or embarrassment.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Hidden sexual organs are generally referred to as 'secondary or hidden' genitalia.

These include the testes for men.

For women, the primary sex organ, for reproduction is located in the Ovaries.

While most associate the penis and the vagina as the main sexual organs, the truth is that they are merely conduits.

The most important sex organ however, is the gonads.

These produce the necessary DNA structure, and for men, they are in the testes, for women are in the ovaries.

In addition, they produce most of the main hormones that effect sexual arousal, and reproduction.


Touching of one's private parts, or genitals, is usually a sign of sexual intent, even if fully covered.

When such touching, through clothing, by another party, is unauthorized, or deliberate, such touching can be classed as sexual harassment, or sexual assault.

Other meanings

Genital Intercourse refers to copulation, for the sole purpose of reproduction.

While the anus can be considered a sexual organ, or sexual conduit, it is not applicable when discussing 'genital intercourse' as reproduction cannot occur through anal sex.

Genitals are considered an erogenous zone, for obvious reasons, but such definition is rarely used to mean just that, given how ambiguous the term is.

While such a term does describe that region of the body, it can also be in reference to other trigger spots on the human body, not always including the genitals.

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