Sex between two males.



Where two males or females in various sexual acts, such as mutual oral sex, anal or vaginal stimulation, penetration, and other forms of sexual practices.

[Note] Gay refers to two partners of the same sex, and can include females. It does not mean 'exclusive to' but simply to a preference for relations among the same gender.


There is no definitive list of what is or isn't 'gay sex'. Primarily any activity that arouses one or both, is considered sex. Being Gay merely would indicate a preference for various sexual acts, and positions.

Anal Sex - Where the rectum is either penetrated by the penis, or other body parts such as the finger, tongue, and even toes for pleasure and arousal. In addition it can include use of 'other' objects. This is so varied, that it really can't be listed in total.

Dildos are only a small part of the objects used for anal stimulation among partners. Pop bottles, broomstick handles, screw driver handles, candles, and other cylindrical objects have been used to achieve anal stimulation.

[Straight Sex Note - Some prefer anal sex to vaginal sex due to the tightness of the fit, but also to avoid impregnation of the female.]

Oral Sex - Sucking the genitals, or more clinically meaning the stimulation of a person's genitals through use of the mouth, tongue, teeth and throat. This can be performed simultaneously or singly. In those well endowed people, it can even be self administered.

This does not require ejaculation, though in most cases it does. It is simply the act of arousing the other, through oral methods.

Non Penetrating Sex - For those wising to avoid even the remotest chance of sharing bodily fluids, such as cum, this is where people rub each other, usually clothed, until ejaculation. Though reaching an orgasm is not a requirement.

There are also other methods of non penetrating sex, such as a 'hand job' which is simply the use of one's hand to bring the other partner to climax. This can also occur by use of one's foot (toes) or by rubbing one's penis between the clenched thighs of another. Semen is expelled on the flesh of the thighs.

There are many variations as well, such as the use of a vibrator to stimulate the penis, and other such devices. This does not include any form of penetration, such as using a dildo in the rectum, while masturbating the penis.

Anilingus - The stimulation of a partners anus, generally through oral methods. Other common terms for it are 'butt licking, rimming, rim job, tossing the salad'

The act of also jerking off the person being rimmed, is commonly known as 'the rusty trombone'. Many will be stroking the other, while performing the 'rimming' or alternatively will be masturbating themselves while giving their partner a rim-job.

Gay Sex and its Straight Counterpart are fairly interchangeable. There are some positions and features that obviously aren't, such as copulation for the sole purpose of creation, however some things such as 'doing a 69' are not exclusive to one or the other.

69 - The mutual oral stimulation by two parties at the same time. This can involve male and female partners. While most consider it to be more of a 'gay thing', it actually isn't.

Fisting - The insertion of one's entire hand into the anus. It does not, as the name implies, mean making a first prior to insertion. Generally this involves the thumb being wrapped under the middle and ring fingers, so that all five fingers are placed inside.

Extra amounts of lubrication are used, as well as insuring that all muscles are well relaxed, to allow for the penetration. The depth of penetration can vary, but can be extreme as well. Fisting also includes the act of simulating copulation, by the movement of the hand in and out of the rectum.

This is also considered to be a 'high risk' sex act, as tearing of the intestine lining can happen. Death has been known to be a result of such tearing.

Other meanings

[Legal] Sodomy and Buggery are generally referenced for legal purposes, describing the unnatural sexual acts of a person with another of the same gender, or also with an animal.

In some instances is used in a derogatory manner, to indicate a person's sexual preference, or to claim such an act is beneath them, while suited only for those who are Homosexual.

In referencing to other terms to describe 'gay sex', there are religious connotations, such as in using the term 'sodomy' to detail gay sex. It is based on the biblical reference to Sodom and Gomorrah. A 'sodomite' refers to the male partner.

Generally these 'other' terms are more derogatory in nature, and more demeaning. They are also used for providing 'legal definition' to an act deemed illegal.

In some areas, 'gay sex' is still illegal, such as Iran or Nigeria. Only recently has the US Supreme Court ruled 'sodomy laws' as being invalid.

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