Gay toons are male or gay sex oriented cartoons.



Gay toons or cartoons features a variety of hand-drawn, painted or computer-generated cartoons and art that are specific to gay sex or gay culture. These are often colorful with exaggerated male characteristics such as impossibly huge chests, cocks and thighs. Gay toons often show explicit sex as well as such wish fulfillment as showing the characters flying or living underwater or being able to suck a 3 foot penis without difficulty.


There are many forms of gay toons. Many people think of japanese cartoon art when they think of adult toons, and there are generally three terms used to describe this - anime, hentai and manga. There is also a term, yaoi, that refers only to gay toons. In Japan, any animation can be called anime, but in the west anime generally refers to any japanese cartoon art. Manga refers to japanese comics and hentai usually refers to sexual comics. Yaoi is manga that focuses on gay relationships although over time it has come to include gay sex, as well. Gay toons can also include western cartoon art or even computer generated art. All of these styles are found in most adult gay toon sites.

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