Where several people engage in random sex with one individual, where all perform the same sexual acts to the one person.



Originally about one woman, being engaged by multiple males, in order. This usually was where the 'one person' would either perform the same sexual act with multiple men.

It could be simply performing fellatio on them, or in having intercourse with them.

Gay Sex has also evolved to include this 'formula' in many of its pornographic depictions. In addition, some could call the annual 'white party' as a form of gang bang or even those who use bathhouses to engage in sex with multiple partners.

The difference is that all of the participants are present waiting in line for their time with the one person.


While called other names, Gang Bangs were noted as happening as far back as Ancient Rome. Records indicate that Messalina (wife of Claudius Caesar) was one such follower of engaging in gang bangs.

History (Legend): Many pornographic videos, dedicated to Gang Bangs, have won awards for the sheer numbers of times that sexual acts were performed by one performer, on several willing participants.

Some attempted to hold records, but were prevented from accomplishing them by the interference by Law Enforcement.

Candy Apples in her bid to reach 2000 sex acts was one such attempt, broken up by Los Angeles police.


The hard part, is to get several people together who are willing to engage in random sex. Then to get ONE person to agree to being the recipient of the attention from the 'group'.

In some instances, it can be where while the 'central figure' is sucking one person off, another is having anal intercourse with them.

Each member of the group takes their turn in being sucked off, and in penetrating the single party.

How involved is a personal choice, among all participants.

Generally, a 'gang bang' consists of between six and twelve persons but more than three or four.

Practice (Associated Acts): Each incidence of sex, whether oral or anal, is counted as one act. Meaning that if the single person sucks a person off, while being penetrated, they are actually achieving two sex acts.

Those standing in line, once finished, can get back into line for seconds, thirds, or whatever, as long as the party receiving is willing to continue.

Noteworthy: It should be noted, that gang bang is mostly a porn thing, however, there are groups who routinely seek to have sex with record numbers of others. One is a West Coast group, where their members claim to have lined up to have sex with over 400 participants.

There are many records for Gang Bangs, in the porn industry. Mostly they involve females who have either taken the most cum internally, been penetrated the most, or performed fellatio on the largest number of men.

There are, supposedly, also groups that are dedicated to the 'gang bang' philosophy.

Pulling a Train - refers to the single person who desires to perform multiple sex acts, with as many participants as possible.

Riding a Train - refers to those willing to perform sex with one person, in turn. The reverse of 'pulling a train'.

Other meanings

Performing sex by one person on multiple parties, in turn, has been associated with the rights of initiation into some actual gangs.

Usually it will involve a female member being initiated into the 'female gang' with help from the gang's male counterparts.

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