More often, refers to a piece of undergarment, that is extremely skimpy in nature, which covers the genital area, barely.
games on
A blowjob where the Receiver (the one being sucked) is generally seated on a chair or sofa, while the Giver (the one sucking) is on their knees, performing oral sex.
gang bang
Where several people engage in random sex with one individual, where all perform the same sexual acts to the one person.
gay bottom
A gay bottom is the partner who is anally penetrated in gay anal sex.
gay cartoons
Gay toons are male or gay sex oriented cartoons.
gay for pay
Predominantly a term referring to male actors or persons who identify themselves as being heterosexual but are willing to perform gay sex for a fee.
gay sex
Sex between two males.
A more polite way of referring to gay slang, or idioms particular to homosexuals. Many other terms exist, that aren't complimentary, though denotes terms, with specific meanings for gays.
The dressing in clothes traditionally worn by the other gender.
genital failure
A medical term, referring to a temporary or permanent impotence.
genital herpes
The recurring appearance of blister and/or sores that appear around the genitals and/or rectum.
The general term referring to the visible sex organs of a person, that are clearly exposed outside of the body.
A sexual attraction to a considerably older man, either by another male, or a female.
Derogatory term used to define a subject, submissive in BDSM role playing.
The attraction to those who are hairless in the genital region, either through illness, nature, or by design.
glans head massage
The proper way to jack off a penis, with a bit of style to make the experience pleasurable.
glory hole
The hole in a partition or wall, that allows one to stick their penis through, for anonymous sex with another.
going down
Common expression for someone who sucks on another person's penis. The act of bending, or dropping to one's knees, to perform Felatio on another person.
golden shower
Being urinated on, or urinating on another person, or simply watching another urinate.
A common sexually transmitted disease, that is also on the rise, that can lead to serious health consequences. Men are more susceptible than Woman.
Porn video in which the camera person, is also part of the video, as a participant, as well as the director.
Mostly a North American slang term, it refers to when one pinches the rear end of another person, or probes the anus.
Sub culture of the BDSM community, based on the science fiction books, by John Norman, about the imaginary Gorean World.
19th and early 20th Century term that referred to the ejaculated semen
greek style
A term referring to anal intercourse.
group sex
The term referring to where three or more people are involved in engaging in sexual activity with each other.
guiche piercing
The type of piercing of the perineum, the diamond shaped region from the penis to the anus.
The development of large breasts in males, commonly referred to as 'Man Boobs' which may be due to a medical condition, and not just obesity.
A erotic sexual attraction to a female, or to femininity.